How Often Should Athletes See a Chiropractor for Optimal Performance?

Suppose you’re an athlete wanting to optimize your performance on the field, avoid injury, or alleviate pain from existing injuries. In that case, chiropractic care can be a powerful weapon to have in your arsenal. Targeted care administered by sports chiropractors was developed with you in mind.

But how often should you get treatment? It largely depends on a variety of factors. This article will outline what those are and describe athletic chiropractic care in detail.

What is Chiropractic Care for Athletes?

This specific treatment utilizes techniques that address sports-related injuries, performance goals, and overall wellness. The treatment plan may include spinal adjustments, exercise therapies, and soft tissue treatments meant to optimize your physical abilities.

The tools and treatments tailored to athletes address points of interest like muscle imbalance, restricted range of motion, and joint misalignment. In addition to spinal manipulation, your chiropractor will likely include the Graston technique, functional rehabilitation, myofascial release, and kinesio taping.

Factors That Influence How Often Athletes Should See a Chiropractor

As each person’s physical condition, medical history, and goals will vary, so will the factors determining the frequency of chiropractic visits. These include your age, activity level, injuries, pre-existing conditions, and overall health.

Surprisingly, younger athletes may actually need frequent visits as their bodies are still developing and adjusting to the rigors of their chosen sport.

High-level or professional athletes who train intensely also need more care to manage and prevent injuries.

Recommended Frequency of Chiropractic Visits for Athletes

The general guidelines dictate that athletes involved in regular, rigorous sports should seek treatment every four to six weeks. This schedule helps maintain proper alignment of the spine and joints, which aids performance.

But your individual needs and goals also factor in. Athletes with chronic pain or injury recovery need to step up treatment frequency until symptoms subside.

Athletes with no immediate physical issues only need maintenance treatment, which can be less frequent.


Individualized care means no one-size-fits-all answer to how often athletes should seek chiropractic care. But by following the guideline above, you can quickly determine with your specialist what your schedule should be to manage pain, speed recovery, and prevent future injuries.

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