Dear Chiropractic Patient,

The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 has quickly reshaped our world.

Injury 2 Wellness Centers (I2WC) has always been a very well maintained and clean facility for the Chiropractic treatment you deserve. Upholding strict cleanliness practices and procedures to make sure that our sanitation procedures stand out and are well above industry standard.

As events unfolded and Coronavirus continued to spread in January and February 2020 across the globe, we drafted our official Covid-19 response and Coronavirus Action Plan that was promptly implemented at all I2WC clinics. This Action Plan provided a solid foundation for us to observe and implement evolving CDC Guidance, including strict hand washing by all who enter the clinic, touch point sanitization, and guided the use of recommended PPE for our employees.

Early March 2020, we had our Monthly-All Staff Meeting in which I introduced additional cleaning standards, Covid-19 safety steps and continued to educate our employees about the importance of maintaining a strong healthy body and immune system as we are Essential Workers and are needed to support our patients.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Covid-19 a pandemic. Much of our actions were in place well before this declaration of a pandemic and clearly shows that I2WC has been on top of creating and maintaining a safe facility for the treatment of the spine.

I2WC continues to increase and improve our screenings of employees and patients. Temperature checks, Park, Call, Wait, phone screenings, social distancing, mask use, and continued vigilance in our cleanliness practices has made I2WC successful in maintaining an excellent place to treat and provide essential Chiropractic treatment.

I2WC is a safe place to get Adjusted and treated for injuries of the spine. Pain in the spine from poor posture, car accident injuries, and from being bombarded by stress are all reasons to follow Chiropractic treatment plans and get Adjusted. Please assist us in your care by observing and following the requested steps we are taking.

Chiropractic care is safe, effective and reduces stress that can depress your immune system. Removing this stress, aches and pain, can therefore help your body maintain itself in Health. Remember, your immune system cannot function properly without that vital Brain-Body connection. Stress (whether physical, mental, chemical) can depress your immune system’s response to any bacterial or viral invader and then you become “sick”.

Keep your body well and your immune system strong. Get Adjusted. Eat Well. Sleep and Rest. Exercise. All of these are essential to your Health and Vitality.

Here at Injury 2 Wellness Centers you will have the Chiropractic treatment you deserve and the support of a healthy Wellness lifestyle from our doctors and employees. We are your family’s Chiropractic clinic and we are here for you.


Dr. Garcia, DC