Chiropractic care: A Natural Way to Treat Sports Injuries

Chiropractors are knowledgeable professionals who practice alternative medicine. Their specialty is diagnosing and treating neuromuscular-skeletal disorders. Using a hands-on approach, they enhance the functionality and overall well-being of their patients.

In recent years, a focus on sports chiropractic care has emerged, with chiropractors studying specific diagnostic and treatment methods for injuries relating to professional and amateur athletes. So, if you’re not sure whether chiropractors can treat sports injuries, the answer is a resounding yes.

Sports chiropractors have an arsenal of methods at their disposal, like spinal manipulation, targeted exercises, massage, dry needling, and others that help athletes recover faster and improve performance.

Here are some of the things that sport chiropractors do:

  •       Diagnose and treat injuries like muscle strains, ligament sprains, and concussions. They can also help athletes heal faster after surgery.
  •       Optimize performance by improving range of motion, flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, and proprioception (knowing where their body is in space).
  •       Sports chiropractors help athletes prevent injuries by educating them about proper technique, training, and nutrition.


What Constitutes a Sports Injury?

Any injury that happens during physical activity or sports participation is considered a sports injury. It can be a minor sprain, muscle strain, fracture, or dislocation. Examples of these would be tennis elbow, twisted ankles, runner’s knee, etc. Overuse can also cause many conditions that a sports chiropractor can help ease.

Sports injuries commonly affect a person’s daily routine. So along with being sidelined from their favorite activity, they may experience stiffness or immobility.


How Chiropractors Handle Sports Injuries

There is a wide range of treatment methods available to a sports chiropractor. Of course, the primary treatment that everyone recognizes is spinal adjustment. Restoring the spine to its proper alignment not only eases pain and immobility but it also helps the body access its natural healing abilities.

Another method used is ART (Active Release techniques) or Graston Technique, which breaks up scar tissue that may be limiting mobility. They may also prescribe rehabilitative exercises tailored to a patient’s individual needs.

Your chiropractor may work with other healthcare providers to create a more well-rounded treatment therapy to speed recovery.


The Common Sports Injuries Chiropractors Treat

Most people who enjoy sports have had a sprain or strain. Others may have had tendonitis, shin splints, or stress fractures. An experienced sports chiropractor can handle everyday injuries as well as complex injuries experienced by professional athletes.

Their treatment plan begins with a consultation and medical history. Then they perform a complete physical to detect and diagnose the root cause of the injury.

They also help patients prevent future injuries by addressing muscle imbalances or other weaknesses that contributed to the injury.



Chiropractic care is an attractive, non-invasive way to treat both common and complex sports injuries. Sports chiropractors are specialists who train in the detection and treatment of sports-related injuries and use targeted methods to aid in recovery and alleviate pain, swelling, and immobility following an injury.

Their unique training also allows them to offer guidance on injury prevention, proper posture, beneficial nutrition, and strengthening exercises that promote optimal wellness. Many athletes prefer this holistic approach as an alternative to potentially addictive pain medications.


Still, Have Questions? We Can Help

Injury 2 Wellness is your one-stop-shop for regaining strength and mobility after a sports injury. Our cutting-edge facility is designed to provide advanced chiropractic treatment in a relaxing atmosphere.

We realize that you may be new to chiropractic care, and our team is ready to consult with you to answer any questions you may have about how our services can help you. Our specialists are ready to show you a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs that enables you to recover more quickly and prevent injuries in the future.

We understand how much you love your sport and hate being on the sidelines. With our targeted care, you’ll be back enjoying the life you want, feeling better than ever. You are welcome to come and see our state-of-the-art facility and speak to our clients. We know they’ll tell you about all the benefits our care provides.

Our approach is based on the spine as central to overall health. By restoring the spine to proper alignment, the body begins to heal. Our methods will also alleviate pain, swelling, stiffness, and immobility after an injury. With our help, you’ll come back better than ever!


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