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Dear Patients,

We all would like to give Thanks to You - Our Patient!

We are so proud to be your family's 1st choice of Chiropractic clinic. Our first priority is always the Health and Wellbeing of our patients. We strive to provide the most caring and effective Chiropractic Care possible and each patient is treated with respect and professionalism. We wish that you enjoy your time with Friends & Family this Thanksgiving and hope that you Drive Safely and avoid distracted driving as well! Gobble Gobble!

Annual Food & Toy Drives!

During the month of November and December we are hosting a combined Food and Toy Drive at all three of our clinic locations: Decatur, Jonesboro, & Clarkston! Patients are encouraged to donate non-perishable (dry) and canned foods and/or an unwrapped Toy! Those patients who donate items will recieve tickets for a drawing to win $100 Kroger Gift Card. Drawing will be held at our Decatur Office on December 21st! Patients also earn tickets when they get non-patients to make in-office donations as well! Patients recieve 1 ticket for every 10 food items donated and 1 ticket for every Toy (value of at least $10). Additional tickets are received when a patient has a non-patient make donations in-office as well following the same rules. Additionally, the non-patient will get a gift certificate for Chiropractic in exchange for their donation!

Tell your Friends and Family to pitch in and they will recieve a Gift Certificate for their 1st Visit (Exam, X-ray, & Same Day Treatments) - at no charge! 

The gift certificate for Chiropractic Services is for their donation to our Food and/or Toy drive, however, becoming a patient is not required to donate! They can use the gift certificate themselves or they can pass it on to someone else in need! This offer is only good for all new patients during the Month of November and December, some exclusions do apply, see our offices for more details.

Always remember, if you have any pain, or are involved in a car accident call us right away! We are able to help you with your pain, but can also refer you to trusted Orthopedic, Medical Doctors, and Attorneys that have great track records of success and ethical practices!

We are now open at 8am in Decatur and Jonesboro

and we offer Chiropractic care 6 days per week at all locations!

We accept walk-in appointments, but would love to be able to save a specific time for your visit. Just call us and we will handle the rest! Here is the number to save in your phone 404-288-8433.


Dr. Garcia
Clinical Director
Injury 2 Wellness Centers - Decatur, Clarkston, & Jonesboro



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Current Articles

» How Chiropractic Care Can Help the Nervous System Reduce Pain
» If You Suffer from Anxiety or Depression, You May Have a Higher Risk for Stroke

How Chiropractic Care Can Help the Nervous System Reduce Pain  

If you are wondering how to reduce pain, especially in the low back, consider chiropractic care. A recent study has shown that "high-velocity lumbar manipulation," a type of spinal adjustment used by chiropractors, is effective at pain reduction for acute and subacute low back pain.

How to Reduce Pain with Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments
How does "high-velocity lumbar manipulation", aka spinal manipulation, help with pain reduction? It has to do with the nervous system. The human nervous system has two main complimentary branches: the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.  Now, you may have heard that the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) is our "rest and digest" system. For this reason, it gets stressed a lot in holistic professions such as yoga, where the PNS is credited for helping reduce stress.  The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is responsible for our "fight or flight" response. You might get the wrong impression, then, that the sympathetic nervous system is somehow bad or won't help us feel better. However, when it comes to pain relief, the activation of the SNS can actually reduce pain.  The study showed that high-velocity lumbar manipulation activates the sympathetic nervous system and thus provides pain reducing benefits.

Chiropractic Care for Fast Pain Relief
Do you have low back pain? Looking for help? If you want to know more about how to reduce pain through chiropractic care, contact us today.
Source:JMPT June 2018. Volume 41, Issue 5, Pages 405–412. LLC 2018

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If You Suffer from Anxiety or Depression, You May Have a Higher Risk for Stroke  

A new study from researchers at the University of Edinburgh has shown that adults who suffer from mood disorders may have a higher risk for stroke or heart attack. The long-term study, published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality Outcomes, followed nearly 222,000 people older than 45 for almost 5 years. None of the participants had a stroke or heart attack in their medical history. Among men age 45-79, those who had experienced a moderate amount of psychological distress before the study began were 20% likelier to have a stroke and 28% likelier to suffer a heart attack, as compared to men without mental disorders. Men who suffered psychological problems at high levels were 44% likelier to suffer a stroke and 60% likelier to suffer a heart attack. The rate of stroke and heart attack for women was slightly different. Among the same age group, women who had suffered moderate psychological distress were 28% likelier to suffer a stroke and 12% likelier to suffer a heart attack. Meanwhile, women with very high levels of psychological issues were 68% likelier to suffer a stroke and 24% likelier to suffer a heart attack. Researchers note that the study wasn’t meant to definitively prove a connection between mood disorders and heart attacks/strokes. However, they say it's possible that mood disorder symptoms can affect the body negatively, such as increasing inflammation in the circulatory system, though more studies are needed.
Source:Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, online August 28, 2018. LLC 2018

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