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Babies & Kids Need CHIROPRACTIC

Dear Friends of Chiropractic-

Did you know that there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people that were first Adjusted as Children? Many of whom may have been fortunate enough to be Adjusted right after birth. Their delicate spines checked for misaligned and "srtuck" vertebrae and joints? BUT WAIT! HOW CAN THIS BE? WHY??

For the most part, YOU KNOW THE ANSWER!

Many of us think of Chiropraactic when we are injured, have a headache, or a back pain. Maybe we wake up with a "crook" in the neck. Chiropractic has long been known to not only be effective in the care of these conditions, and many others, but has also been preferred by patients! The fact is, Chiropractic and Chiropractors continue to have some of the highest patient satisfaction rates and outcomes with related spinal and joint conditions! More importantly, patients find that their symptoms simply go away....Chiropractors spend countless hours, checking the spine of our patients for Subluxation and whe we find it, we Adjust! It is as simple as that!

Babies and Kids NEED Chiropratic because...Birth is our first traumatic event!

This is a mere fact. Anyone who witnesses the birth of a child (or 3!) can tell you that labor is difficult. Often times the babies are breech and or need to be "pulled" out into the world. Surely, if you have seen this YOU KNOW, birth is traumatic. In this way, it is obvious that Babies and Kids NEED Chiropractic!

The techniques for BABIES AND KIDS are similar, but very different, form those used for an adult spine. Doctors of Chiropractic use their knowledge, experience, and love for children to guide them as the delicate spines are "checked". If Subluxation if found, then it is simply Adjusted!

Babies and Kids that are Adjusted as less likely to suffer with Subluxation!

Remember, Subluxation the condition where spinal bones place pressures on neerves that cause the brain and body connection to be interefered with!

Surely, YOUR BABY and YOUR KIDS do not need Subluxation!


Take it from me personally and from my family. All 3 of my children have been Adjusted. My son, who is 4 years old (Top Picture and Here Bottom Picture), likes to have his spine checked. Thankfully, he has done well with his Health so far and has never suffered with Alergies, Headaches, Ear Infections, Malaise, Irritability/Colic and many other all too common childhood conditions. I attribute much of this blessing of Health to the Chiropractic check-ups he has received. But also, respectfully, I am reminded, and I agree, Thanking God that the body heals itself!


Especially Your Babies and Kids!


Dr. Garcia
Clinical Director
Injury 2 Wellness Centers - Decatur, Clarkston, & Jonesboro




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Erase Your Backache with Spinal Manipulation  

The next time you hurt your back, donít reach for the ibuprofen or ask for a prescription painkiller.† A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association concludes you can get on your feet again with the simple, effective, drug-free therapy of spinal manipulation. In chiropractic spinal manipulation therapy, a doctor of chiropractic applies specific forces to your spine to align your vertebrae correctly, thereby improving mobility and reducing pain.† In this study, patients with less than six weeks occurrence of low-back pain used a 100-point scale to rate their pain.† Patients treated with spinal manipulation felt that their pain improved by an average of 10 points. In addition, they moved through their day with less overall pain than people who didnít receive the therapy.

Ditch the Drugs
Recent guidelines from the American College of Physicians suggest that spinal manipulation and other therapies like acupuncture and massage should be tried before over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen or naproxen. And, with their risk of addiction, prescription painkillers are also strongly discouraged. While spinal manipulation is safe and effective, there is no evidence it has any serious adverse effects. Minor side effects, like soreness, are generally transient.

Make a Plan
If youíd like a non-invasive, effective way to manage your back pain, contact a local doctor of chiropractic today! Most offer no-obligation evaluations to determine if youíre a good candidate for safe, natural and effective chiropractic care. A chiropractor can examine you and formulate a treatment plan that includes spinal manipulation to help you return to pain-free living as soon as possible.

Source:JAMA. 2017;317(14):1451-1460. doi:10.1001/jama.2017.3086
Copyright:ProfessionalPlanets.com LLC 2018

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Hoverboards + Kids = A Trip to the ER?  

What kid doesnít want a ride on one of the flashy self-balancing hoverboards, zipping along the sidewalk without a care in the world? Unfortunately, a new study shows that these seemingly benign toys have sent a slew of children to the emergency room for various injuries. Among U.S. kids under 18 treated in emergency rooms in 2015-16, a total of 26,854 injuries can be chalked up to hoverboards. Right after the first models were launched, there were reports of boards overheating or catching fire. But rather than burns, the majority of injuries sustained by kids using hoverboards came from falls.† The journal Pediatrics reported that kids most often presented with injured heads, forearms, or wrists, with more than 40 percent of injuries being classified as fractures. Doctors also noted contusions, strains, and sprains. Fortunately, only about three percent of injuries required hospitalization. Dr. Sean Bandzar, an emergency physician at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell and Columbia University Medical Center in New York City and lead author of the study notes that most of these injuries could be prevented with protective gear. And, since most hoverboard injuries occurred at home, the study found that parental supervision in combination with helmets, leg, and wrist pads, is the best preventative to hoverboard injuries.† While itís true that wheeled toys like hoverboards and skateboards definitely carry risk of injury, there is a great benefit to children to getting exercise and improving their coordination.† To provide the safest possible environment for play with these devices, parents should provide proper supervision and make wearing protective gear a non-negotiable house rule.

Source:Pediatrics, online March 26, 2018.
Copyright:ProfessionalPlanets.com LLC 2018

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Lifting With Knees Is Better For The Back  

A new French study suggests that lifting with the knees takes more energy than bending at the waist, but that improper lifting can cause lower back pain. The study, published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, found that heart rates increased when subjects squatted to raise and lower a box. The extra energy demand may be why most people ignore warnings about possible back strain.

Source:Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, July
Copyright:ChiroPlanet.com 2000

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