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Dear Friends -

ATLANTA weather is something else! We have seen temperatures go up to 90 and back down to 68! The storms are strong and the tornado warnings are popping up in Scottdale and Clarkston! Hopefully, all of this will settle down so we can get to the important business of SUMMER!

There will be so many outdoor things to do. Whether you are looking forward to the Jonesboro City Summer Music series, Mural Painting with Artist Shannon Willow in the city of Clarkston, or are just an advid Stone Mountain walker, you will surely need your full VITALITY and ENERGY to enjoy yourself to the MAX!

WIth that in mind, I would like to remind you of 5 things you need to do to get ready for Summer - Sun & Fun!

#1) Check your shoes! This is the time to examine your shoes. You will be putting a-lot of miles on those bad boys, walking around ATLANTA and during the outdoor fun season. Are your shoes worn? Do they still provide cushion and support? This is so important as old shoes can contribute to foot fatigue and lower back pain. You are going to want to make sure your shoes are ready to do the job. If they are not up to par, it is time to replace them!

#2) Get a water bottle! The summer heat gets to be so intense. Most of us will need to increase our water intake overall. Even if you are usually "pretty good" about drinking water, the new normal temperatures will cause water to leave your body more quickly. Dehydration can lead to mental fatigue and achey sore joints in the neck and back. If you already have a water bottle, get a bigger one! If you don't have one at all, look out for Injury 2 Wellness Centers at the Jonesboro Summer Music Fest and get your i2wc water bottle there!

#3) Get Adjusted! Spinal alignment is vitally important to your health and well being. Aside from neck and back pain that can really make outdoor fun impossible, the health and function of your Brain and Nervous System will determine how much energy you have, how your heart and breathing are adapting, and how you are processing and eliminating waste from your body - just to name a few! We do wellness and check-up adjustments all the time! It is time for yours!

#4) Sleep and recharge! Most people need a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day. If you are not getting adequate sleep, try sneaking in an occassional nap? Why not take that nap outside at the park? Enjoy some shade under a tree and take a quick 'cat nap'. You will be so glad you did!

#5) Juice it and Drink it! Juicing has become very popular and it is a great way to make sure you are getting vital nutrients into your body. Plan to juice at least twice per week during the summer! Start your day will fresh juice and feel your energy levels improve. You will also have more energy to spend having outdoor fun! Your body will have increased elimination as you will be drinking more water. This "flow" through your body will help to Detoxify and Renew your body. You will feel better and look better as your skin will brighten. Enjoy the flavors of Summer one glass of juice at a time!

Remember, that we are here for you. We support Healthy Living and Active Lifestyles. Sometimes accidents happen and we are here for you too - such as in the case of a Car Wreck and Injury. Your family's Chiropractic Clinic is close, convenient, and ready to welcome you to Wellness - 1 Spine at a time!

Have a great and Healthy Summer!


Dr. Garcia
Clinical Director
Injury 2 Wellness Centers


PS: Please refer your friends and family to our offices for care. We will surely take care of them, so that they, can take care of those around them...this may include you!

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Leaning While Texting May Result in Health Problems

Recent increases in the number of patients suffering from upper-back and neck pain may be related to poor posture during prolonged smartphone use. Many young people are reporting herniated disks and alignment problems. As these health issues more so typically affect middle-aged and elderly people, the new surge of problems in youth may have to do with the way the neck bends when a person is texting. The normal curvature of the neck is reversed when people look down, such as when using and viewing a phone. Overtime, continuation of this unnatural position leads to stresses and imbalances in the supporting tissues of the neck and upper back. Pain, soreness, fatigue and even reversal of the normal curvature of the neck and upper back can occur. Given that some young people text for hours a day, it’s no wonder experts are seeing an increase in neck and back issues.  Studies show the problem is present mainly when people use mobile devices, as using laptops doesn’t require any abnormal or unnatural posture. The 45-degree angle many people hold their neck at while texting on mobile devices can lead to issues which may become even worse if the person is sitting. This impact on the back worsens at higher flexed postures. With a 15-degree flex, the head (which weighs roughly 10-12 pounds) can feel over twice as heavy. The stress increase on the spine can lead to a 60-degree flex feeling like an additional 60 pounds of pressure. There is a serious concern among professionals about the effects this will have on young people.   Fortunately, doctors of chiropractic are specifically trained to evaluate and treat neck and back issues. If you or a loved one is suffering from neck and/or back issues including those that may be related to the use of a phone, book a no obligation consultation today!

Source: The Spine Journal, online March 20, 2017.
Copyright: LLC 2017

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Painkillers Should Not Be Kept Within Reach of Small Children

Most homes carry some type of pain relievers. More specifically, opioids like hydrocodone and codeine are common across the country. Unfortunately, these medicines aren’t always kept out of the reach of small children.  Roughly a third of adults store prescription opioid mediation in cabinets with locks. Less than 10 percent of adults with kids and teenagers recall storing these substances properly.  Researchers have noted a near doubling of hospitalization rates for issues related to medicine over the past few decades. While some parents may feel that they know their children well enough to pass on locking up these substances, the prevalence of these medicines in the home warrants safe and secure storage.  A survey conducted with adults who consume these medicines relievers within the past year and who had kids in the home revealed that a third of those with children under 7 said they secured their medicine. That number was slashed by roughly two-thirds when it comes to households with teens, and less than one-third of families with both kids and teens used lockable storage for their medicine. Adults with young kids were usually more concerned about the medicine being accessed, while those with teens were less likely to view this as a concern.  The use of this medication has skyrocketed in the US in recent years, with most opioid medication being used for post-surgery pain.

Source: Pediatrics, online February 23, 2017.
Copyright: LLC 2017

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Dangers of Energy Drinks

According to a new study, consuming enough energy drink can lead to certain concerning characteristics in heart function and blood pressure outside of those seen solely from caffeine.  Energy drinks are extremely popular with hundreds of versions currently available for sale. Unfortunately, these beverages have become associated with emergency-room visits and even death. While the makers of energy drinks claim that the products pose no more dangers than those related to caffeine, the evidence does not necessarily reflect this assertion. Caffeine in certain doses is considered normal by the FDA. For example, approximately 400 mg of caffeine can be found in about five cups of coffee. While the dangers of energy drinks are usually related to their caffeine content, it is the other ingredients which may pose the risk. The physical changes in a group of subjects (both male and female) were observed after the subjects had consumed an energy drink and a caffeinated beverage that lacked the other types of ingredients energy drinks are known for. These additional ingredients include 4 ounces of sugar, taurine, B vitamins, and other contents found in brand-name energy drinks like Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy, and Monster. The results showed certain concerning cardiovascular changes including an increase in blood pressure after the consumption of energy drinks. Be smart and play it safe. If you choose to consume energy drinks, do so in moderation and ensure you do not suffer from any sort of cardiovascular conditions or issues or other health ailments that could result in a visit to the emergency room or worse.

Source: Journal of the American Heart Association, online April 26, 2017.
Copyright: LLC 2017

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